InternetRetailing Magazine – from Brexit to the in-store digital experience

The latest InternetRetailing Magazine is available for you to read and download to your desktop, mobile or iPad. Our most recent issue has a focus on the retailer’s new store concept,

mobile experiences and innovations around the world, what Brexit means for the retail industry,  and the in-store digital experience. We also cover the delivery landscape and insight into retail in China and the value of loyalty in Europe.

Technology being a key theme in this issue, Emma Herrod spoke to Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Maplin’s [IRDX RMAP] Marketing and Multi-Channel Director, to discuss Maplin’s new store concept and why it’s developing the digital side of business.

‘Digital is a key support for the stores rather than being a lead for us.’

Fitzpatrick discusses how digital interactions in-store and the Smart Life concept are affecting behaviour in-store and out.

We discuss the impact of Brexit and whether it is possible to plan ahead, the fluctuating value of the pound and the opportunity for expedition that the US poses for retailer’s entries.

‘It is crucial that retailers take steps to prepare their operations now to tackle the complexities that may be incurred once Britain leaves the EU.’ – Nir Debbi, co-founder and CMO at Global-e

We also discuss the issues around marketplaces, such as Amazon [IRDX RAMZ] and eBay [IRDX REBY], and investigate other options, such as Farfetch [IRDX RFFE], TMall [IRDX RTML] and Myntra.

Find out more about how ecommerce and omnichannel retailing are changing the supply chain, operations, logistics and delivery landscapes in our eDelivery pages. Check out our highlights from the recent InternetRetailing Expo and read our editor-in-chief, Ian Jindal’s comments on the latest in the retail world.

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